Just to get you a little bit closer to me – you’re dealing with a guy from the photo above…

My name is Matic Andrej, and I am an european graphic designer based in Belgrade, Serbia.

After years spent in the design industry, exploring different mediums, styles, softwares and people, I discovered my passion for logo design and branding, and decided to get fully dedicated to it. I like what I do and I’m enjoying those moments of excitement when a good idea is born on a blank paper sheet, and then gets pushed further into new situations, till it gets its final shape. I feel like I systematically grow after every new idea comes into life.

I still didn’t won a medal of honor for any of my work and while I do respect the public opinion, I take the overriding criticism for my work from myself.

I hope you will like my ideas at least a little bit as I do.



P L E A S E D O N T S T E A L !