Sandner Rechtsanwälte

Sandner Rechtsanwälte


A german boutique law firm. In their need to project a high-class, modern image of reputation, credibility, compentence and experience, while not looking too traditional, I’ve designed this simple logomark with a cleverly used negative space that perfectly reflects their values and skills…

After the logo design was completed, stationery pieces of  businesscards, letterhead, envelopes, CD case and sticker were required…


Clients Testimonial:


“It was a great pleasure to work with Andrej. After he had won the competition to design the new logo for SANDNER Attorneys we also commissioned him to develop our complete stationary design. Andrej has an outstanding ability to melt his visually stunning ideas with his client´s expectations. The communication with him was easy going, he was always highly motivated and he delivered everything punctually. The outcome of his work did not only exceed our expectations but also received a lot of compliments from our clients and business partners.”

Raoul Sandner
Fachanwalt für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz


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