Noetic Brands

Noetic Brands


The Branding project for Noetic Brands was trully a great challenge for me.
My colleague, designer Riz Ali from Noetic Brands, had a braintwist with branding of his own agency. It is well known fact that self branding is one of the hardest disciplines for a designer.

I was invited by Riz to give my shot of creativeness.
I tried to give my best, as well as Riz with his great guidelining efforts.

We finally succeeded with the simple logomark made of creative flow arrows that are making nice illusion of “N” letters in the negative space.


Here are couple of words that Riz said about my work:


“A good designer is like a goldsmith who carves the metal and mounts the best gem to beautify an image. Logo design is no different for a designer who carves the values of a business and mounts the best elements of it in a visual. But it is very hard for a designer to make something for himself and be 100% satisfied about it. Thankyou Andrej for discovering realizing what fits best for my image. It has been an amazing experience to work with you and find an image that brands me perfectly.”



P L E A S E D O N T S T E A L !